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    Wholesale Inquiries

     Babette’s vision since 1968 has been to provide women with beautiful and wearable clothing. Her designs embody and accentuate the unique personality of each of her customers.

    Creative Director Babette Pinsky is inspired by looking at a specially chosen fabric and deciding what stories she wants to tell: “Color and texture allow me to shape a narrative.” 


    Babette Sales Representatives 

    Please contact the representative in your area or call: 800.677.7246 ext.100;

    West: Miriana Ojeda, Los Angeles   213.624.5823;

    Southwest: Liz White, Dallas   214.658.8805;

    Midwest: James Goodman   214.729.5511;

    East: Andy Bazelle, New York   203.894.5285;

    Southeast: Mark Garland, Atlanta   404.688.0012;